Why you might need to run Python scripts from Node.js

  • Node.js faces limitations when it comes to handling intensive multitasking because of its single-threaded nature. This constraint makes it challenging for Node.js to efficiently handle CPU-bound tasks. When a request is received, Node.js processes it before moving on to the next one, causing system slowdowns and substantial delays.
  • Python is highly suitable for backend applications that involve numerical computations, big data solutions, and machine learning tasks.
  • Python boasts one of the most extensive ecosystems within the programming community, featuring numerous open-source libraries. Notably, it includes built-in AI libraries like Pylearn2, Tensorflow for neural networks, and Scikit-learn for data analysis.

Сall your Python script from Node.js using Child Process module

Numerous libraries are available to assist you with this problem. Personally, my preference is to utilize the built-in child_process module. The node:child_process module offers the capability to launch subprocesses, primarily through the child_process.spawn() function.

To begin, let's generate a server.js file to serve as the core of our application, assuming that x and y represent extensive arrays.